Alexandrian Nights

Monday, October 31, 2005

The Animals in the Box!

Yesterday I was sitting on the table waiting for almaghreb prayer ,every one were busy in preparing the eftar ,suddenly the door bell rang ,it was my younger brother(25) and he was holding a large box covered with some plastic wrappings ,I was surprised a little bit when I notices there was a small hole on the top of the box ,he entered directly from the door to our room(we have shared large room ,me & him) ,and put the the box in the balcony attached to our room. I keep asking him what's in the box? And he simply refused to answer with a smile I didn't like ,it was ten minutes past eftar time now and I didn't want to start an argument.

After el3esha prayer I was sitting alone in my room ,I remembered the box sitting there ,my brother weren't here since he gout out directly after eftar ,I decided to inspect the mysterious box and try to discover it's contents ,I was certain 100% that it contains some kind of animals ,my brother had a very long history in owning dogs. He always had different breeds of dogs and this always resulted in a lot of problems with my mother cause she doesn't like animals in general ,anyway I opened the balcony's door and stared at the silent box, I didn't hear any movement sound or animal's sounds of any known kind. Then I tried to peer into the small hole on the top of the box hoping to glimpse anything or hear any sound ,there were none. I kept thinking to myself (what kind of animals doesn't make any kind of sounds or movements?) ,but I failed to see any answer.

I decided to wait for my brother till he get back ,when he arrived I ordered him to either let me know what's inside the box or I will simply throw them both(him and the box!) out of the door ,he tried to delay the answer but I insisted ,he sensed that there would be a huge problem if he continued hiding it and on the other hand I was not seeing any convincing reason to justify his behavior ,he said (OK ,I'll show you) ,we headed straight to the balcony ,he unwrapped the plastic covers ,I discovered that the box is simply a container for a large glass aquarium,and to my astonishment there were small Crocodiles there inside the aquarium!! ,not one small crocodile but two. I sat there speechless for a minute then said (why did you bring those animals here?) he said that this is something he like and he can't see any problems in that! ,I said (you can't see any problems in breeding crocodiles in your room??) ,he tried to tell me that they are very small and harmless and beside that they are trapped into this aquarium and there's nothing to fear ,we argued for several minutes then simply we made a deal that this is temporary situation and he would get them elsewhere soon(although I know that it wouldn't be that simple).

Now I am sitting writing this while behind the balcony's locked double doors there laying an aquarium with two small crocodiles there ,what bothers me more is that the two fellows there are male & female ,meaning that at anytime we can have a large one happy family of crocodiles!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

My comment was deleted!

A few days ago I was visiting a blog of the blogs I check regulary ,it's te3ma's blog ,there were a topic about the first stage play being shown for female's audience in Jeddah city ,she said that there will be a show for women privately and other one for men ,she wasn't opposing that or something .she was agreeing and sort of pleased and kept saying that this is NOT 7aram ...OK ...I agreed with her on this point but she said in the last line (أعتقد أن البديل الشرعي متوفر في جميع المجالات )!!(I think that the islamic alternatives is available for everything)!! ,mmm...that explained to me her feelings about that ,she agreed and were happy for this event but accompanied by her islamic version of separating men from women as it usual in countries like KSA ,I said in my comment something like the following(Is that the islamic alternative solution? ,why they separate men from women during the play? ,for how long a society like saudian society will stay primal like that?) ,sorry I can't remember the exact words cause my comment were deleted by her ,but in arabic I remember calling the saudi society by(مجتمع متخلف) ,and I think that's what made her delete my post ,I do insist on my words ,I have lived more than 10 years in KSA and most of those years were the most bad years in my life ,I know what I am talking about and I will keep saying that till they change their stupid systems and rules ,I have many stories to prove my theory but this is not the time for that.

Anyway just a few minuets ago I was visiting her blog only to be surprised(and shocked) to find out that my comment were deleted ,I was very angry of her ,I haven't offended her ,I just criticized the saudi society and the saudi people are the first ones to do so ,so why delete my comment? ,I am so frusterated cause that never happened to me before and I have never done it to anyone whatever he/she says beside that I haven't talked about her personally ,why she took it on her own?

I wrote another comment there and told her clearly that this will be my last comment there .I have never withdrawn from any place or situation in my life but this is different ,I can't make a conversation with someone who doesn't respect opinions difference ,I told her I am QUITTING her blog ,I hope she doesn't delete this comment as well!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Thoughts about Bloggers

I have noticed something ,most of the Egyptian bloggers I have encountered(And other nationalities as well)are females ,I have checked my broweser's favourites and mostly 85% of the blogs links there belongs to females ,is it because girls likes to write more? ,do they like to express themselves in an open and free space that permits the free expression of ideas ,feelings and thoughts when this is not allowed 100% in the society we live in?

Another notice ,most of the Egyptian bloggers are from:Cairo in the first place and then Alexandria second ,there's a very small numbers of people from Mansoura &Zakazik and that's it! ,I have not seen anyone from cities like Tanta ,Ismailiya ,Aswan or other cities ,why is that? ,There's alot of people using Internet in Egypt even in the small and desert areas ,are they not concerned about blogging? ,does any one belong to or knows any one from any other city than the ones mentioned above?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


This is not a post about se7en the movie ,it's about a tag I received from Nerro

Seven things I plan to do:

1)Go to the dentist.
2)Join Elghad party.
3)Watch some of the movies on my watch list during this week.
4)Upgrade my DSL speed from 256k to 512k.
5)Shop for new clothes for eid!!(That's a habbit I can't avoid)
6)Doubling my efforts to look for a new job.
7)Clear my mind of some matters.

Seven things I can’t do:

1)Drinking water without spilling some drops on my chest and chin!
2)Eat (قرنبيط أوكرنب),I guess there's something shared with Nerro!
3)Smoking Cigarettes or Shisha!
4)Sleep without making some noises!
5)Spending a single day without navigating in the BlogSphere.
6)Stop reading Newspapers daily.
7)Support ALAHLY football club under any circumstances!

Seven things I say most often:

2)احلى حاجة فى الدنيا الأنتخة!
4)ياحكم يا....(ده طبعا وانا بتفرج على ماتشات الزمالك
6)بص أوبصى...هقولك على حاجة
7)ياماما من فضلك عايز كوباية شاى سادة!!

Seven people I want to pass this tag to:

5)Kayla Vincent
6)Charismatic Soul
7)Lasto-adri *Blue*

StarBucks in Egypt

StarBucks one of the world's most famous coffe shop chains is preparing to open for the first time in Egypt ,and for the last three years there were many people asking and enquiring about the possibility of that and if this will happen or not since most of the world's famous chains already opened in Egypt during the last five years except for StarBucks ,the last chain to arrive to Egypt was Coffe Bean & Teal Leaf but that left only Starbucks for speculations without answers.

The great news that StarBucks will open not only one branch but two branches at the same time ,one here in Alexandria and the other in Cairo with rumors of Alexandria's branch opening first ,the branch opening here will be located at the new San Stefano Grand Plaza Mall (which I will be talking about in future posts) where the cairo branch is located at still yet at unknown location which wouldn't be else than City Stars or the new Dandy Mall at cairo gate.

Alot of aboard friends told me alot of things about StarBucks coffe's quality ,even a friend living in Dubai told me the the most thing he misses while he's in vacation in Egypt is StarBucks coffe!! ,I think we have to wait and see for ourselves what they are talking about! ,stay tuned for more news.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Birthday's activities

After recovering from past day's events ,I decided to do some activities at my birthday ,I was planning to have eftar out home with friends but since we had guests at eftar I wasn't encouraged to do ,what made it worse is my father's continuous talk and questions abou what happenedat the embassy ,I was starving and wasn't in any mood to tell details but I tried and tried to get some details out of me with promises to tell them more after eftar!

I made a quick plan to go out with some friends ,as always they depeded on me for choosing the hang out's place ,as a change I selected Chili's ,last time I was there were a few months ago with an exception of last August when I visted their newely opened branch in Cairo(City Stars) ,beside that I was alway used to go to Chili's for Lunch or Dinner ,but since I had a very filling eftar I wasn't able to toss any more food into my stomach ,I arranged with my frieds to be there between 9-9:30 with a request from me that they be there at the time so I can watch Zamalek's match on TV there! ,and this was another thing cause I was originally planning to go watch Zamalek's match at the stadium assuming that the match will be played at Tuesday ,but since it was playing at Monday I wasn't prepared to celebrate my birthday at the stadium!

We arrived there ,the place were almost empty because there no one on the earth were hungry yet and chili's is not the usual hangout for quick coffe or something ,our meeting lasted till 12:30 Am ,there were nothing special but the usual talks about politics ,movies ,music..etc ,when we were preparing to leave I have received a call on my mobile from my aunt ,complaining about her PC ,and I forgot to tell you that I am the family's official IT consultant and support guy!! ,she invited me to so7oor and to se what were wrong with her PC ,I had nothing in my mind to object so I said OK ,i'll be coming ,I arrived there at about 1:30 ,I sat with here husband(a very nice man and a dear friend) ,I finished the required tasks at about 4:30 Am ,and we sat chatting till I suddenly discovered that the room is full of sunrays and I should go home to rest and prepare for today outing eftar ,I left and arrived home and here I am writing this dull post ,I should sleep now

Monday, October 24, 2005

Blogging Personality

I have seen a link on tota that let's you see what's your blogging personality ,and here's the results:

Your Blogging Type Is Thoughtful and Considerate

You're a well liked, though underrated, blogger.
You have a heart of gold, and are likely to blog for a cause.
You're a peaceful blogger - no drama for you!
A good listener and friend, you tend to leave thoughtful comments for others.

There's other kinds of tests there ,I guess I may be trying some of them soon.


Today october 24 th ,is my birthday ,I am 27.
Nothing more to say.

Declined Entry

Feeling very frusterated ,angry,sad..etc and alot of negative feelings at the same time ,this is not normal to have all of these feelings at the same time ,but there's a little story behind that.

About an month ago I received a very tempeting work offer from a company in the US ,actually this was like having a very sweet & strange dream ,since I am still having trouble finding a suitable job in my field then suddenly this offer ,it looked like dream offer on all the sides ,finace side ,career side ,benefits side...etc ,I did think about it for a while and it seemed to me that if every thing will go alright then I will be taking a very quick shortcut on my career's path ,the only obstacle was to get a VISA entry to the US ,since it's very hard and very complicated process to be invited directly from the company itself to join it so the only available method was to get this entry visa ,spend three-six months there as a test period then transfer this temporary visa into permanent residence.

I begun prepairing for it ,I called their Appointment system's number after paying the application's fees and got an interview date at Sunday October 23 rd ,there were nothing much to prepare except for some documentations like pasport ,photo and some economical documents like my apartment ownership contract ,bank accounts statements...etc ,only one this was more important which is the person I will be staying with during my visit there and in my case he was the company's owner at the same time a distant relative of my mother ,a very decent man who just returned home after 15 years there to get married and make some settlements ,he was looking for someone to join his company there as assitant IT manager ,we met and after some interviews he became very convinced that I am the suitable candidate for this position and so I begun preparing as above.

The interview's date was at 10 AM ,I was there at 9:45 ,there were crowds outside the embassy's building but less than expected(I guess that's because of the new appointment system which is different than the old system) ,I entered the building and after security procedures I was allowed into the main consular hall ,alot of people were there sitting ot writing their applications on tables ,my documents were reviewed by an assistant and I was asked to stand in the line to wait for my turn to receive my application and passport ,I did so and was aksed to sit again ,after about 45 minuets my name was called ,I thought that this is the interview moment with the counsular officer but I was presented to a young lady sitting behind a glass wall ,she told me to pick thephone's handset beside the glass to communicate with her ,and here were a fingers scanning device resting on the stand where I was standing and they took fingers prints scans ,and I returned to my seat.

After 30 minuets I was called again ,this time it was the interview time with the counsular officer himself ,and to be frank I must admit that before I enter the embassy's buliding the wholet hing was not 100% important to me ,I felt that if I succeed or not this will be fine with me ,but something changed after entering the building ,and somehow I became very worried that I may get refused and started to think about the whole matter of this job as a top priority to me ,that I must succeed insha2alah.

I aarived at the counsular window and the officer were sitting there already inspecting my application and he seemed not satisfied about something I didn't know ,I picked the handset ,he asked me about where I will stay I told him the address and he asked some quick questions about my work then he asked me if I were married or not?!! ,I said no and he sat silent for a moment then simply said(I am sorry ,I can't issue you the visa today!) ,I said(why?) ,he said(Sorry again but you didn't convince me that your residence at the US will be temporairly!) and he hung up ,I was speechless for a moment and unable to think of something to say ,then I waived to him to please pick up the handset again ,he did so and I tried to told him about my work here and that the person I am visiting there is American citizen and he is a well known business man there ,the counsular repeated his apology and handed me paper sheet printed by the US governemnt saying that under immegration law number...etc we apologize we couldn't issue you an entry visa today because you didn't show enough evidence that your stay in the US will be temporary and youcan reapply later!

I gathered my documents and got out of the embassy's buliding without feeling where I was going or knowing what I am gonna do ,I realized suddenly that I am beside the bus's station ,I booked a ticket for the nearest bus heading to Alexandria ,got on board and slep during all the ride and the bus arrived at 6PM(shortly after eftar) ,I arrived home and didn't eat ofcourse ,just had some water and some juice ,and went straight to my bed to have a very long sleep till 2 AM.

I may have failed ,maybe not since this is not a personal failure or career's failuers ,and there's thousands gets rejected the same way every month(I noticed while I was there that most of the rejected applicants were under 30) ,but I can't help it and I feel great loss ,depressed ,sad.....
I have nothing more to add.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Things about me

I have been tagged by eve ,she said that she is tagging every one on her blog list and miraculously I am there ,she is the only one of the blogs I read who put my blog within the blogs links.

Things about me

* Ever been so drunk you blacked out: Never reached this point
* Missed school bcoz it was raining: Yes(a lot of times!)
* Been hurt emotionally: Yes
* Kept a secret from everyone: yes
* Had a crush on a teacher: yes(female teacher at secondary school!)
* Been in love it made you cry: yes(a few times)
* Ever thought an animated character was hot: No
* Had an imaginary friend: Never
* Cried during a Movie: NO ,But were on the verge of tears several times
* Been on stage: Yes


* Shampoo: Head&Shoulders ,PertPlus
* Soap: ZEST!
* Color: Black & Blue
* Day/Night: Night
* Summer/Winter: Winter
* Fave cartoon character: Buzz LightYear from Toy Story
* Fave Food: I like to try all the food's types ,but I like eastern ,Mexican ,Chinese ,Italian and American steaks!
* Fave Movies: The Godfather trilogy, Fight Club, Apocalypse Now (Look at my profile for more choices)
* Fave Subject: English ,Physics and Computers
* Fave 'normal' Drink: CocaCola
* Fave Persons to talk to online: Every one who is intelligent ,cheerful and respectful like most fellow bloggers here.

* Wearing: Blue Short and white polo shirt
* Hair: Black
* I'm feeling: sleepy
* Thinkin about: A certain thing I have to do next week
* Listening to: Mohammed Mounir
* Talkin 2: NONE


* Cried: NO
* Worn a skirt: for god's sake NO(This is a female's question I guess!)
* Met someone New: I hope to do so today
* Cleaned your room: Just organized it a little bet and changed the bed's covers!
* Laundry: No
* Drove a car: I don't have one
*took a bath?: Twice
*Did something strange: feeling happier than usual


* Yourself: Yeah I certainly do
*Your friends: As long as I consider them as being my friends I do believe in them
* Santa Claus: No
* Destiny/Fate: That's very complicated subject ,I think I will discuss sometime in the future in my blog
* Angels: Yes
* Demons: Yes


* Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: No Comment
* Like anyone?: Naomi Watts and another secret human being
* the loudest?: The loudest what?
* Who's the shyest? Not me I guess
* Who's the weirdest? George Bush
* Who do you go to for advice? My Mind
* Who do you cry to? Myself
* What is the best feeling in the world? To be loved by the love of your life
* Worst feeling? Feeling that death is near

Monday, October 17, 2005

Zamalek ForEVER

We have lost today ,that's definitely true ,but someday we will win ,and all the old glories wil be back.


Friday, October 14, 2005

First comment

Why I always feel good when I am the first one to post a comment on a friend's post? ,I think it's because sometimes a blogger maybe is having some kind of issues he/she needs help about ,and it's good feeling that you are the first one to offer help to people.

Angry before eftar!!

Yesterday I went to apply for a land phoneline for my own apartment ,it's located in Miami so I went to the nearest Central to resume the contracting procedures ,10 days ago I have paid the Subscription fees and they told me to come after 10 days to know about the installment date.

I tried to be very calm before entering there ,I am not usualy nervouse without reason but for anyone dealt with berocracy for many years I had to expect the worst ,and my feelings were true,they told me coldly that there's no available lines in the exchange in my zone and I have to wait till next January until they add new exchanges and cables ,ofcource I didn't believe them cause any child knows that there's always a lines reserved for the emergency cases (like someone with WASTA!) ,I tried to discuss the matter with many persons from the contracting employee to the central's manager himself without any results ,they even told me simply that I can complain them to the telecommunications Minister himself but that will not make anydifference! ,extremly retarded people.

I have rushed out of the central very angry ,I remembered afriend who adviced me to have some kind of WASTA before even applying but I didn't like that ,it's not that I don't like using one(all of us are doing that when it's about governmental issues) but I just liked the idea of going there as any citizen and try to see what they will happen ,worse than that is their continuous avertisments about their evolution and how they are offering services nice and easy ,all of that is just an illusion ,those people simply were born in the web of berocracy andthey will remain like that for ever.


This romeo is bleeding
But you can’t see his blood
It’s nothing but some feelings
That this old dog kicked up

It’s been raining since you left me
Now I’m drowning in the flood
You see I’ve always been a fighter
But without you I give up

Now I can’t sing a love song
Like the way it’s meant to be
Well, I guess I’m not that good anymore
But baby, that’s just me

And I will love you, baby - always
And I’ll be there forever and a day - always
I’ll be there till the stars don’t shine
Till the heavens burst and
The words don’t rhyme
And I know when I die, you’ll be on my mind
And I’ll love you - always

Now your pictures that you left behind
Are just memories of a different life
Some that made us laugh, some that made us cry
One that made you have to say goodbye
What I’d give to run my fingers through your hair
To touch your lips, to hold you near
When you say your prayers try to understand
I’ve made mistakes, I’m just a man

When he holds you close, when he pulls you near
When he says the words you’ve been needing to hear
I’ll wish I was him ’cause those words are mine
To say to you till the end of time

Yeah, I will love you baby - always
And I’ll be there forever and a day - always

If you told me to cry for you
I could
If you told me to die for you
I would
Take a look at my face
There’s no price I won’t pay
To say these words to you

Well, there ain’t no luck
In these loaded dice
But baby if you give me just one more try
We can pack up our old dreams
And our old lives
We’ll find a place where the sun still shines

And I will love you, baby - always
And I’ll be there forever and a day - always
I’ll be there till the stars don’t shine
Till the heavens burst and
The words don’t rhyme
And I know when I die, you’ll be on my mind
And I’ll love you - always

Bon Jovi

/I always loved this song ,really brilliant.

Arabic Blog

I am starting to think about having an arabic blog in addition to this one I have right now ,it seems that there's alot of things I would preffer to be written in Arabic ,like some old poems I have written and some political issues also ,my only problem with arabic blog is that I am slow in arabic writing compared to the english writing's speed ,but I will try to accelerate that.

I will try to put a design plan for the new blog ,it seems that I am not yet even focusing on the developing of the existing blog ,that's because of alot of reasons ,but I will try to rearrange my thoughts and clear some space in my mind to have a satisfying blog.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

When they will remove it?

A few days ago I was passing by near the Marriot Renaissance hotel (The old name is Ramada hotel which is owned now by Marriot company) ,and I noticed that the huge advertisment with president Mubark picture is still rising high in the sky on the building near the hotel and facing the comers from sidi bishr area and visible also from many spots on the kornish road.

This Ad was placed as a part of the presidential campgain for Alwatani Party's candidate (That's how they were calling him in the media!) ,there were only 6 ads with this size produced and 5 of them were placed in different places in cairo while we had the luck and the blessing of having the sixth one here! ,what annoyed me is that we endured all the ridicilous talking about the rebirth of democracy in Egypt and the presidential elections(The most laughable comedian play in history) ,and it was over ,he won AND THE PLAY WAS OVER.

Now why he is till there looking at us from the heavy loaded with Photoshop's effect picture? ,as anyone knows all the advertisments for all the candidates should have ben removed instantly after the elections ,and this was done except for this huge Ad which is unique because it's paid for with the Alwatani party's money(or whoever supported the campgain) ,I wish they take it away and get the old refregrator Ad in place!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Brazilian Coffe:Rediscovered

Any one lives in Alexandria or been a regular visitor to it surely knows Brazilian Coffe store ,at earlier days it was almost the only place to have a decent cup of coffe or other drinks like Hot chocolate or espresso in town with a special blend of their own ,and it was very special scene to see crowds holding coffe cups infront of the store and filling the pavement and also the store inside which had a very limited space ,but after recent changes in Alexandria during the last eight years many other coffe stores opened and the competetion increased and crowds infront of the store begun to decrease rapidly ,so they had nothing to do but to reimagine the whole place.

Yesterday after iftar I had nothing to do ,there were a scheduled meeting with a friend that got cancelled at the last minuets ,I decided to have a walk ,and since I live in Downtown area I decided not to go far ,I started roaming the streets which was somewhat crowded with early Eid's shoppers ,the air was hot and I felt the need to have something to drink ,I started analyzing my choices and decided to o to Roastery Cafe'(I wanted some airconditioned place!) ,I started my path towards Huryea Avenue when I remembered The Brazilizn Coffe ,I knew from earlier roamings about their redocration but I didn't know if it was reopened or not yet ,I shifted my onfoot walking to their location (Saad Zaghloul Street) ,and there were the new brazilian coffe!

The place changed completely ,there were no more old looking style ,the place now has two floors with the upper floor intended as a cafe/Restaurant ,and the downfloor serves as the same old theme ,onfoot cafe ,but now there's a wooden stands atached to walls where you can have you coffe looking through the two ways glass and watch the downtown movement ,the upperfloor has a nice seating with nice view also for the downtown streets ,the decoration theme is so modern looking but not very original though ,now you have more choices on the menu including salads,starters and sandwiches beside the hot and cold drinks.

Judging now on the coffe's quality itself ,for me things has changed andin the past years we had the chance to taste coffe from many coffe houses and cafe's like Coffe Bean ,Costa Coffe..etc ,andspeaking frankly ,Brazilian coffe falls short behind those and other cafe's but it's still has a satisfying quality ,and more important thing ,when you have your drink there you still feel a glimpse of the old days of 80's and 90's.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Annabel Lee

It was many and many a year ago,

In a kingdom by the sea,

That a maiden there lived whom you may know

By the name of ANNABEL LEE;

And this maiden she lived with no other thought

Than to love and be loved by me.

I was a child and she was a child,

In this kingdom by the sea;

But we loved with a love that was more than love-

I and my Annabel Lee;

With a love that the winged seraphs of heaven

Coveted her and me.

And this was the reason that, long ago,

In this kingdom by the sea,

A wind blew out of a cloud, chilling

My beautiful Annabel Lee;

So that her highborn kinsman came

And bore her away from me,

To shut her up in a sepulchre

In this kingdom by the sea.

The angels, not half so happy in heaven,

Went envying her and me-
Yes!- that was the reason (as all men know,

In this kingdom by the sea)

That the wind came out of the cloud by night,

Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee.

But our love it was stronger by far than the love

Of those who were older than we-

Of many far wiser than we-

And neither the angels in heaven above,

Nor the demons down under the sea,

Can ever dissever my soul from the soul

Of the beautiful Annabel Lee.

For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams

Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;

And the stars never rise but I feel the bright eyes

Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;

And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side

Of my darling- my darling- my life and my bride,

In the sepulchre there by the sea,

In her tomb by the sounding sea.

Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849)

Comment:I like this poem very much since I first read it in arabic about seven yesrs ago ,I have then purchased a huge book contains all the works of Edgar Alln Poe ,This poem was written in the memory of his wife ,you can read more about the life and works of Edgar Allan Poe here:

Friday, October 07, 2005

I am currently reading( The Common Thread: A Story of Science, Politics, Ethics and the Human Genome) Books: The Common Thread: A Story of Science, Politics, Ethics and the Human Genome

I am currently reading this book ,I have read two books before about the genome project (both were in arabic) ,but this book has a different approach of being written by two of the research team members involved ,and it's written in a very clear style which makes you feel in most parts as reading a novel by Michael crichton or something.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

My first ever blog's post

Hello all:

This is my first time to post something to blog ,I really have nothing in my mind to talk about right now ,I am still trying to discover this world of blogging ,I'll be back later with more to say.

Best regards