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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Today I was flipping through the pages of one of my favorite weekly Newspapers(Al Dostoor) when I saw a small article about three Anti-Government websites that were blocked from accessing by Internet users in Egypt. the article demanded the responsibility of TEData compoany(Egypt's largest Internet Service Provider) for blocking the websites from it's DNS Servers ,I tried to test the three websites on two ADSL Lines provided by TEData and LINK(The second largest ISP in Egypt) and indeed the websites were blocked.

Alot of friends here maybe familiar with using proxies to gain access to blocked sites(which is very rare in Egypt in contrary with other arabian states ,you can access any websites here including Porn sites without restrictions!),but it may becomes habbit for our stupid government in the near future to block more websites ,so what about explaining how to use proxies to gain access to blocked websites( , and respectively) and maybe avoid the stalking of Egyptian Internet Police(in a future post I 'll talk in more details about this monstous stupid division).

For Internet Explorer Users:
1-Go to any Public Proxy websites like or for a list of fully updated proxies sorted by country(don't use proxies from Egypt or other stupid countries like Saudia Arabia!)

2-After selecting your desired proxy server ,copy the text of the proxy's IP and port number ,Open Tools menu-Internet Options-click on the Connections tab-Lan settings(if you are using ADSL or LAN) and check the box titled (Use a Proxy Server for your LAN) and Paste the IP into the box ,enter the port number found on the proxies page and click (OK)

3-Now instead of this:

You will see this:

Good luck ,and for anyone one needs help with other browsers please leave a comment ,there's also other techniques for evading Censorship that may will be explained later.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Back again!!

I can't find the suitable words to thanks everyone who asked about me ,I really appreciate all the warm feelings received in your comments and your emails.

A lot of things happened lately ,will try to tell all the possible details later ,for now I would like you to visit my new Arabic blog ,the blog is called (7elwa ya baladi) ,it's located here

Both of the blogs will have separate subjects and posts ,I will try to write another post soon to explain why I have to have an arabic blog!

Thanks God ,I am back in the Blogsphere again!