Alexandrian Nights

Friday, December 30, 2005

The Police Always in The Service of Whom needs them!

Ten Sudanese migrants were killed Friday in clashes with Egyptian police trying to dismantle a protest camp where hundreds of migrants had lived for months demanding resettlement outside the country, Egypt's Interior Ministry said.
The ministry said in a statement that the migrants' leaders attacked police after officers tried to persuade them to leave the city park where the camp had been set up, resulting in "chaos and a stampede."
Thirty migrants, mostly elderly people and children, were wounded and transferred to a nearby hospital, where 10 of them died, the ministry said.
Twenty-three policemen were also wounded in the clashes.
The Sudanese set up the camp Sept. 29 as a protest against the U.N. refugee agency nearby after it stopped hearing the cases of Sudanese seeking refugee status in the wake of the January peace deal that ended their home country's 21-year civil war.

Asylum-seekers generally must gain the status to be resettled in countries such as the United States, Australia and Britain.

Thousands of security forces moved in before midnight and closed off the area, surrounding the camp. In the early hours Friday, the Sudanese began dismantling the protest camp, while government buses waited nearby to transport them away.

But when many of the Sudanese refused to leave even after the camp was dismantled, police fired water cannons, drenching the protesters. ,

This is how the Egyptian police treating people ,all the victims that fell during the parliament Elections were not enough to satisfy their love of violence ,and now they are killing helpless refugees in the heart of Cairo ,no mercy ,no Humanity ,No Nothing ,The interior Minister(Habeeb Al Adly) was one of the survivors during the latest government changes and he kept his bag in the new ministry ,and this is his first achievement after his reelection ,Thank you Mr Interior Minister! ,you are doing a great job ,your master in the Oroba Castle will be very proud of you right now!

NOTE:Most of the victims are CHILDREN

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Lucky Number

Although I am not in the mood of posting something funny or even not in the mood of smiling ,I will post this funny thing to try changing my dark mood.

Two days ago I had a very strange coincidence happened ,I went to the cinema & watched a movie called (Four Brothers) ,after the movie I went to Fuddruckers ,after finishing with my dinner I ordered the check ,I noticed something strange ,the check number printed was 4000 ,the table number was 40 and the total amount due was 40 EGP Pounds!! ,I always loved the number(Four) and thought of it as my lucky number ,but never had a similar kind of coincidence before ,thanks god it wasn't April 4 for example or it would have looked very weird!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My work

I was planning to write today about other postponed issues that I was planning to write several days ago ,but since I am feeling a little blue today I decided to tell you the details of my new job.

The company where I work is originally specialized in the Construction & Contracts field ,it's based here in Alexandria with some business to be run from the U.S where the Egyptian American owner lives there and spends some time in Alexandria regulary during the year ,but I am not working on these activities field ,I work in a sub project which the company is executing as a new business field ,we ae developing a Website dedicated to financial services & consulting ,most of the services we offer is aimed towards the American market since a big portion of our services is related to the Stock Markets in the U.S and aims to give investors more insight about what's going on and helping them to take the right investing decisions ,one of the many services offered on the Website is the Live News service ,we are continuously updating the web site with the latest news received from different sources ,both official sources and insider ones ,my Job title is Website assistant Manager & at the same time I am Head of the news department ,meaning that I have to supervise both of the news flowing ,editing ,publishing and the Website's operations in general ,there's no Websecurity Admin or something like that yet ,they didn't think about that yet and they depend on the fact that the Website is not hosted on our servers so they leave the security sides to the hosting company ,but I am voluntarily overlooking all the LAN/Website security issues.

I am enjoying this job ,this sub business is relatively new to the company and their hierarchy is still not 100% detailed or clear ,a lot of people comes and go and there's still other departments to be formed soon to relive some duties from the current staff ,I only have one problem with my job ,which is the Working hours ,I work twelve hours per day ,this in itself maybe not a big problem in other cases but in my case it maybe ,the working hours is from 12 PM-12 AM every day ,Monday to Friday ,Saturday from 11 AM-6 PM and Sunday is OFF ,you may wonder why is this strange schedule but as I told you we are related to the working days of the American Stock Market.

I had a very hard time since I joined the company to get used to that ,my problem is not in the 12 hours durartion itself ,my bigger problem is about those hours location in the day ,most of events in your daily life happens between 12 PM and 12 AM ,everyday when I am leaving work in the middle of the night I feel so drained ,not exhausted but drained ,you have a very limited options when you think abutsomething to do or a place to go after midnight except at the weekends (Thursday nights & Friday Nights) and those are working days now! ,beside that even if you are not feeling physically or mentally exhausted you would still be needing to rest ,worse than that is my inability to take a break! ,yes I can't take a brek in the known terms of break ,as I said I am head of the News Department and I have to be available there 12 hours in the 12 hours ,the maximum duration permitted for the inactivity is 15-2o minutes ,and I have staff shortage in the News Department ,that's also resulted in their refusal to the idea I suggested which is taking the Shifts based system into consideration ,but I have got a promise from my manager that in late next January the working hours will be reduced and the Shifts system will be implemented ,I am trying to be patient ,but working (continuous)twelve or thirteen hours per day is not an easy thing ,it simply affected every other thing I am doing in life ,I couldn't read ,write or even watch movies ,and ofcourse I stopped blogging ,I am not sad or anything ,actually I feel good but this working hours matter is maddening ,I think I'll have to wait and see ,and to be frank with you ,I am still job hunting!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I am Back!

Long long time gone since the last time I have been here ,a lot of things happened including a new job and this was the main reason for my disappearance during this period ,I will tell every thing in separated posts later ,I am posting this from work right now!

I really don't know how to thank all the fellows here who asked about me during my absence ,you are really great and thanks for all of you.

More later.

Monday, December 05, 2005

I am 17!!

Last Wednesday I had to take an English Level's determining exam ,the were new to me since I never thought about that during mylife ,I never even took any English language courses before and I think will never do except for maybe IELTS and that would be in only the case of not being able of obtaining the proper self study materials ,anyway taking this test was enforced due to the fact that one recent job offer required all the applicants to have an official document from accredited language institute or similar organization which is clearly stating the applicant's level in the English language ,after thinking about that I found that the idea is somewhat exciting ,I mean that after all of these years of living with the English language during college ,work ,reading & writing I completely neglected the idea of knowing where I exactly stand ,I knew that I am good or maybe better ,but where's the exact spot is a new concept.

I headed directly to the AUC branch here in Alexandria to take the test ,the AUC branch here offers most of the AUC's services except for the undergraduate studies ,meaning that you can not have a bachelor degree in any field and you have to study in Cairo ,but to my knowledge the AUC here offers post graduate studies & courses in different fields through what is called (Continuing education & community Services Programs) ,these activities is committed in cooperation with Arab Academy for Science & Technology ,this was good thing to me since this is the college where I was graduated from with Bachelor Degree in MIS.

I filled the exam's registration papers and were handed the exam's papers along with instructions & answers model ,I was guided to an empty class to sit and begin answering and the maximum duration were determined to be no more than 75 minutes ,the exam was moderately easy but what frustrated me were a couple of badly structured questions that were completely nonsense ,I finished answering the exam in about one hour .I left the class and headed to the Admin to hand him the exam's papers ,I was asked to sit and wait for the result.

During my waiting I was trying to calculate and predict the results ,I said to myself that based on my answers I should be at Level 18 or 19 out of 20 levels which is all of out there in the General English Language courses ,the Admin came back and said (Congratulations ,you are at Level 17!!) ,as you may know Level 17 is the last level in the Upper Intermediate levels and I don't think they made mistakes during the correcting phase ,it wasn't OK to me at all since I know deep inside that I should be at least at level 18 and all of that were because of those two stupid nonsense questions ,anyway I will try take the test again in different place .Maybe The British Council this time and see what will be the results this time.

The Clock

For the past four days I found myself every day waking up at an exact moment ,it was very strange to me ,most of people with regular schedule will wake up every day at a certain time usually in a specific timeframe ,but never heard about any one before waking up at the exact moment every day!

That what happened with me ,every morning I wake up and begin to realize who I am and where I am I then catch my mobile which I usually put beside my pillow every night before I sleep ,I look into the mobile to see the time and to my astonishment it's always the same moment ,10:38 AM! ,I thought first that there maybe something wrong with my mobile but it's running smoothly ,and it's the same thing happening every day although I don't sleep always at the same time ,I know that every human being has inside him what they call a Biological Clock which it supposedly sends internal alarms to wake up the person at certain time ,and I had the same thingduring my life but it was never this accurate in my whole life ,I would be waking up ten minutes early or five minutes later than my time but to wake up every day at the same minute seems pretty weird!