Alexandrian Nights

Friday, May 05, 2006

Bloggers Night

A few days ago was watching the daily show of Amr Adeeb's(Al Kahera Al Youm) on Al Youm Channel-Orbit Network ,he hosted two bloggers to discuss the phenomena of blogging and everything about it ,a lot of the show's audience in Egypt for sure wasn't familiar with the words (Blogs ,Blogging...Etc) ,he mentioned at the show's start that he will be discussing blogs at the third part of the show ,unfortunately there were another debate between Khaled Al gendy and a person whose religion is Baha'yia ,the debate was flammable and it took longer than expected so they had to shorten the period of the Bloggers part ,but it simply was slaughtering not shortening.

He hosted two bloggers ,the first is reponsible for a blog which is dedicated to Software Field's HR related ,giving job seekers in the field of software a good look on the market and job opportunities and giving the software companies a suitable portal to select their desired candidates ,it was the first time to hear about this blog and I thought it was a good idea ,the blog owner himself was looking decent ,and he gave a good impression ,but the second one was simply the opposite.

The second bloggers who has a blog dedicated for males to find the fastest and most accurate method to hunt females! ,aiming to give them a nice and easy advice to make the the hardest girl to soften and give up resistance!(that's what he claimed) ,I have no problem with that since this is a free land and anyone has the freedom to express what they like to express but what annoyed me is the Blogger himself ,I never thought about criticizing a fellow blogger personally but this guy..I don't know...There was something wrong about him ,I didn't feel comfortable either for him or for his talking method ,he seemed somewhat aggressive and arrogant. This wasn't my opinion alone but everyone sitting with me shred the same impression ,the worst part was when he talked about other bloggers ,I didn't feel concern or sypathy in his words ,even when talked about respectfully and brave people like Alaa & Manal.

I guess it was the mistake of the stupid person responsible for preparing the show's material ,why he picked this nasty person? He not only ruined our expectations but gave a lot of people a very wrong idea about Blogs and Blogging thinking by providing a very strange examples ,and believe it or not ,he was preparing to include a very famous and mysterious blogger ,actually on of the most controversial Egyptian bloggers but she never came and left us with the (TAZBEET) boy!

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Leaving

Just came back home after watching a movie in the cinema when I got a shocking news ,my younger brother was on his way home when he spotted unusual crowd gathering on al kornish road beside our home ,at first he thought that this maybe some sort of car accident(which is frequently happening in this area) but it was different thing ,a young man was hanged using a rope that is attached to the stone wall of the Cornish(where people usually sit to watch the sea) ,my brother was transfixed while looking at the sight ,it's very hard to see a dead human being at any time and more harder to see it dangling aimlessly from a rope and being moved back and forth by the wind!

While my brother was shaking while telling me about this whole thing I was thinking about the reasons that may led this young man(according to my brother ,the dead man wasn't looking more than 25-27 years old) to kill himself like that? Was it failed love story? Poverty? Unemployment...Etc and hundreds of reasons that could lead most of people to death in this land we live on. I suddenly remembered this young man (Abdul Hamiid Sheta) who killed himself last year by jumping in the Nile after going into depression due to the refusal he got when he tried to join the diplomatic wire ,the refusal was not because he is insufficient or a suspicious person or any other reason that could explain their refusal but because he was poor! ,yes in this country you could get refused or even knocked off your job simply because you are poor ,simply because you don't have any STRONG one to support your back. So is there something similar happened to this young man-whom we don't know his name yet- that led him to depression or deep frustration that eventually tempted him to suicide? Was his suicide a message to the stupid regime? was it a message saying"Hey ....I am poor so I can't live a respectful life in this unrespectful country which is worse than death"?. and from the method he executed his suicide I think he wanted to attract the attention of everybody ,but unfortunately no one in the stupid governemnt will even care ,even if all of us suicide!