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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Who I am?

My friend Marwa asked every one to take the (Which LOST character are you?) test ,actually LOST is one of my favorite TV shows ever ,soon I would buy the first season DVD collection and I look forward to watch season Two as well ,LOST is full of live characters and amazing twists ,when I took the test the result was the following:

You scored 76% kindness, 43% courage,
39% seedy past,

and 46% secretiveness!

"Three days ago, we all died. We should all be able to start over."

You are Jack. You are compassionate, heroic, and a bit of a martyr. You are brave and a natural leader. However, you shouldn't keep so much bottled up inside. You are so busy taking care of others that you have no time or energy to take care of yourself. Take a load off once in a while and play some golf with Hurley. You need to relax pretty soon or else you'll be no good for anyone anymore - including yourself!

Your polar opposite is: Shannon.
You are similar to: Sayid and Boone.

If you would like to take this test then please click here

Freedom for children

How would you raise your future children?
This was the pivotal subject me & my friend K were discussing yesterday ,he had some ideas and I had mine and between this and that we had some points of agreement and vice versa ,none of us are married ofcourse but it was fun to have such a discussion with a friend especially a male one!

Then suddenly he raised a question ,he asked(and what about prayers?) ,I said (what exactly about them?) ,he said(won't you make them do their prayers?) ,I said ?(OK ,but what exactly you mean by"make them do"? ,what do you exactly mean?),and I should tell you that I usually try to be very specific and accurate when I am talking with K cause he's very intellectual and sometimes he will be unnecessarily philosophical even when the conversation has no need for that! ,he started telling me that every father should teach his children how to pray and that would be preferable at the age of seven and then they should be hit at the age of ten if they are not regualry praying! ,to my knowledge I know that this is truly based on the prohet Mohammed instructions ,in a particular 7adees he say that clearly ,I started telling my friend that I know all of that but I can't simply do that ,I can't hit my child like that at this critical age especially for something that should be done as a clear choice not under enforcement ,my friend looked to me puzzled and said(don't you know that you would be responsible for that at judgment day? ,don't you know that you would be questioned about how you raised your children?),I said (OK ,but I still insist that I can't hit my child like that ,why don't I teach him how to pray and then he should be committed to it? ,do you think that hitting him would be a good idea?) ,my friend then started his philosophical debating which I don't like him usually go into that mood ,many things in life doesn't need that especially the clear as skies ones ,he started explaining that hitting is not meant to be the actual hitting ,it's a kind of physical contact similar to when you press on someone's shoulders with a powerful grip! ,he continued saying that there's another 7adees that explains the previous one and giving more details about how the children should be hit! ,based on his words the hitting:1)shouldn't leave a mark on the child's body 2)shouldn't break an arm or a leg! 3)shouldn't be a slap on the face.

I haven't read or heard about this other 7adees ,all I know is the original one with the clear word(hit them at ten) ,there's no further words after that ,I told my friend that this other 7adees may be religiously authenticated but even that I am not comfortable to the idea of hitting at all ,prayers is a relationship ritual that is aimed towards God ,and it should be based on love not on fear ,I have some bad memories when I was still a child and we were living in Saudia Arabia ,the children in the primary schools there is enforced to pray at the time of prayers while they are at school's time ,you may not believe it but most of the children wasn't actually praying at all ,just pretending to and even some of them would be going to pray without washing themselves first as the prayers interactions should be! ,why we would raise our children on fear? ,why don't we convince them of the idea of prayers and how that it should be done and how God almighty is merciful ,kind and great? ,children never forget physical pain and it stays attached to their memory for a very long time ,it won't be a good thing to attach prayers to physical pain in their minds ,why don't we raise them on freedom of mind basics and teach them how to select the right things and avoid the bad ones? ,will you be proud when your child are committed to prayers and he grows up like that and at the same time he never do anything to fight the injustice and dictatorship of most of the Arabian countries? ,what would you do if your child pretends that he is praying to avoid your punishment and then he takes drugs or smokes when he's out home? ,will this be a good thing?

Sorry my friend ,I won't hit my child for that ,I will teach him how to pray ,will teach him how to choose the right things in his path ,I will teach him how to be a proud person ,I will teach him how to say NO in the face of the injustice & slavership we suffer ,will teach him how to be open minded and never be closed on himself ,I will never hit cause I won't him to hit my grandchildren!

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Flu

Everywhere I go these days it seems that many people is infected with Flu(Not the Bird's flu!) ,my younger brother ,my little sister and my are among the patients ,it was very ironic seeing my father who is a doctor trying to give tons of cold & flu medicines to my brother and sister and to himself ,other relatives and friends were infected too and it seems as every time you pickthe phone to check on someone you will find that either him or a member of the family is having flu or at least a cold!

May be it's the constantly changing weather these days ,it has a very strange behavior these days ,the nights are cold or very cold sometimes and the days are sunny and foggy! ,we are not used to this fog here in Alexandria and usually in November the weather would be colder with frequent rain showers ,but this kind of weather is no doubt strange.

I haven't been in the mood myself for the past two days ,and feeling a strange frequent pains in different parts of my chest & back ,I don't know if this is an introductory stage to the flu or not but I am not feeling well in general ,and my mood is less bright as I said ,maybe it's the weather ,someone may say(What has the weather to do with your mood?) ,I am a winter kind of person ,I love the cold ,wind & rain ,I always were feeling good during the rainy days ,but this hot weather is something I don't like ,this even resulted in being unable to check around the blogsphere for more than three days and not even able to respond to comments left by friends here on my blog ,sorry if I seem not concentrated but I hope to regain my concentration soon ,I hope also to be able to write more than five posts that were shaped in my mind and should have been written during the past days but unfortunately postponed.

Strangely I think I feel a bit better after writing this!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


I always wondered how it would be when I would be chatting with a fellow blogger ,sometimes people has differences when it comes to talking directly either online or offline ,for example you may have a favorite writer or a journalist whom you are used to read his/her books or articles regulary and you become used to a certain ego of this person ,when you see the same person talking in a let's say an TV interview or a press conference you may feel shocked a bit ,he/she doesn't seem to have the same mentality/charisma/personality that you thought that this person posses ,many people would seem to you more human when you read their written thoughts or impressions more than talking to them directly ,you feel there's something missing ,something that you always felt when you read what they wrote but wasn't there when you saw or spoke to the same person.

I was fearing that this would be applicable to some of our fellow bloggers here ,and since I never had a chat before with any blogger whom I used to visit & comment on their blogs I didn't have any chance to prove or decline my theories ,I usually put any one in my MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger when their emails are there on their profiles but never met any of the fellow bloggers online,one day I had the great luck of encountering a dear fellow blogger online to ease my doubts a little bit.

My chat mate had the same elegant sense that you will encounter when you read his/her blog ,the blogger was easy to go along with ,very simple ,kind and respectful ,sometimes when you start talking to people online there would be some issues that others call(Coversation's keys) which you have to get a good grip on in order to build a successfull conversation ,in this case I had no hardship at all to do that and the chatting were very enjoyable ,also the strange thing about my chat mate is that I felt I am used to chatting with him/her for a very long time although this was definitely the first every conversation ,I really enjoyed it the same as I always enjoyed reading his/her blog ,and it proved to me that great blogs has a great people behind them! ,I hope that I will have more chances in the near future to either prove or decline my theories ,and in the end I wish to thank Kayla Vincent for giving me this great chance!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Parliament elections

Tpday is the second stage of the parliament elections in Egypt ,this stage includes different governates including Alexandria ,Hope that those stupid candidates from the National Party will all fail.

Friday, November 18, 2005


I was sitting Yesterday at Beanos Cafe' drinking Steamer and watching our national football team on TV being defeated as usual when encountering a strong rival ,suddenly I looked around to realize that the most of the crowd sitting in the Cafe were college students and almost all of them were studying & preparing for their Mid Term exams ,discussing topics ,reviewing research papers and even two groups were sitting with Laptops extended and were rehearsing their projects presentations ,a very live scientific environment!

That got me back in memory to college days when were always under endless pressure of projects ,researches & mid term exams ,most of the other college's has one mid term exams per semester but my college has two ,one in the 7th week and the other in 12th week ,most of those were accompanied by projects and researches required to be completed in a specific deadline. I started to replay some moments in my memory ,how I suddenly discovered that JAVA is my favorite programming language ,how I stood staring to that big crowd of Professors ,teaching assistants & students while trying to start my graduation project's presentation ,who were the most likeable professor and who was the most despised one ,how we always were dreaming about the day when all of this endless loop will be over thinking that we will feel more relieved and that in five years we will be in the top of IT world ,almost all of that I am still longing to college days ,it was good days and good days never return when it's gone. When I finished with my memories I looked to the TV screen and the match's referee was announcing the end of the match with result (Egypt 1-Tunisia 2)!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Stupid Censorship

A few days ago I was watching a movie that I can't remember it's name now on Super Movies Channel which is one of Orbit Network Channels ,I was not merely focused on the movie since I have seen it before and was reading some newspapers and sometimes giving a few glances to the TV ,I thought that there's something wrong with this copy of the movie since there were some scenes missing ,I told myself that this can not be ,Orbit Network doesn't have a censorship system and has only age rating advisory system similar to the ones in USA ,UK and other countries ,the age advisory system simply alerts you prior to launching the movie about the minimum recommended viewer's age ,but it's your final decision anyway and the movies shown is simply uncut ,I told myself that I may be imagining this since I was dividing my attention between the TV and the Newspapers and that may the reason for thinking so.

Yesterday I was meeting some friends on some Cafe' ,we were chatting in different topics when suddenly one of friends asked me(Did you watch the Super Movies Channel recently?) ,I said (Yes I did ,why?) ,he told me about several movies he saw during the current and past week which were fully censored and some main scenes missing! ,pfcourse this can be a mistake if it happened with one or two movies but since me ,my friend & others have already seen it then it cannot be denied ,Super Movies channel is censoring the movies it's showing ,that's a very sad thing for movie lovers cause Orbit Network along with Showtime Network were the only sources for uncensored TV entertainment in the middle east region.

When I am talking about (Uncensored Entertainment) I am not talking about porn movies for example ,I am talking about our rights as subscribers ,viewers...Etc to make our own decisions about the entertainment's materials we are viewing ,if a certain viewer finds that the shown material is not suitable for his/her own sense,ideology ,taste...Etc then it's the viewers own decision to shut off this material and move to any other thing he sees suitable ,and censorship is a very big issue in our RETARDED Arab countries that were brought to discussion countless times during the years ,why out governments simply treat us a Civilized & Respectful adults and let us decide what we want to see instead of deciding for us? ,isn't it enough for those governments to decide for us in every aspect of life and treating us like some mindless rocks?

As I said I am an Adult who like to watch movies from everywhere on the earth and knowing all the possible cultural waves out there ,I don't see any reason for this behavior from Orbit network ,what's frustrating more is that the network didn't announce something like that before applying it(the same behavior found in the Arab governmental systems where their citizen are the last people on earth to know about their intentions ,decisions & moves!) ,maybe because it knows that it may lose a big portion of current subscribers due to this stupidity ,I really thought about canceling my family's subscription with them because of that but on the other hand it seems that I can't stop watching the great (Amr Adeeb) on his addictive TV show (Alkahera AlYoum) airing on Alyoum Channel ,but I am thinking about sending some kind of protest emails to the Network and letting them know about their stupid decision ,if there's any other one who noticed the same thing please post it in your comments.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Another tag

I have been tagged by one of my favorite bloggers change destiny ,I should have done it about a week ago ,but here I am:

Name:It's written in my passport
Current Location:My room
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Hair Color:Dark
Height:186 CMs
Right Handed or Left Handed:Right Handed
Your Heritage:??
The Shoes You Wore Today:Dark Classic shoe with laces
Your Weakness:You have to find it by yourself
Your Fears:Sudden Death and most of the insects!
Your Perfect Pizza:Marinara Pizza from Little Caesar
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:Have a new Job ,Get my CCNA certification ,finish some delayed books reading & researches ,see Zamalek beats Ahly at the next dawry's derby match!
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:ASL Please
Thoughts First Waking Up:another day on planet earth.
Your Best Physical Feature:According to some female SOURCES ...My eyes and my mouth!
Your Bedtime:I don't have one.
Your Most Missed Memory:Too much to be mentioned here.
Pepsi or Coke:Cocke ofcourse.
MacDonald or Burger King:McRoyal
Single or Group Dates:Depends on many factors.
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:Neither of them ,Earl Grey Tea rocks!
Chocolate or Vanilla:Chocolate forever!
Cappuccino or Coffee:Coffee.
Do you Smoke:Why would I make this wonderful life shorter & shorter?
Do you Swear:usually when watching football matches and when reading the governmental declarations & decisions in the governmental newspapers!
Do you Sing:Yeah ,didn't you see my latest concert with Bon Jovi?
Do you Shower Daily:With hot water even in summer and daily by the way!
Have you Been in Love:Yeah ,a few times.
Do you want to go to College:I am Post Graduate ,hope to start studying IT Diploma next year.
Do you want to get Married:Yeah ,I really wish to.
Do you believe in yourself:Yeah ,I believe in my own existence.
Do you get Motion Sickness:Nope.
Do you think you are Attractive:Maybe ,and depends of your definition of (Attractive)
Are you a Health Freak:Nope
Do you get along with your Parents:I wasn't in the past due to several reasons ,but in the past few years me & myfather started to be a good friends!
Do you like Thunderstorms:Yeah a lot ,especially that I live directly infront of the sea ,I can watch the thunderstorm coming tworards the city.
Do you play an Instrument:I wish to play Violin or Guitar someday.
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:No Comment.
In the past month have you Smoked:Nope.
In the past month have you been on Drugs:Nope and never will.
In the past month have you gone on a Date:Maybe.
In the past month have you gone to a Mall:Anyone lives in a city in any part of the planet earth will go to malls frequently ,that's the 21st century's syndrome.
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:Nope.
In the past month have you eaten Sushi:No and I really wish to ,finally found a place in Alexandria who is serving Sushi ,I will go soooon!
In the past month have you been on Stage:Nope.
In the past month have you been Dumped:No.
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:Nope.
In the past month have you Stolen Anything:A lot of girls hearts...LOL...I am kidding walahi!
Ever been Drunk:Not particularly.
Ever been called a Tease:??
Ever been Beaten up:I never had a fight since school days.
Ever Shoplifted:Nope.
How do you want to Die:Sitting peacefully on the beach ,alone and looking at the sea waves ,recovering a lot of sweet memories in my mind and smiling at death when it comes.
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:My Old Self.
What country would you most like to Visit:Lebanon ,Dubai ,UK ,Spain ,Italy ,Australia ,Brazil and the USA.

In a Girl..
favorite Eye Color:Dark & Hazel
favorite Hair Color:Dark
Short or Long Hair:Long ,the longer is the sexier!!
Height:The shorter is the better ,especially with long hair!
Weight:Not fat and not skinny.
Best Clothing Style:Nothing particular as long as it fits her and makes her more attractive ,by the way I have no explanation why that there's a lot of beautiful days who is wearing hijab ,I mean that they look very attractive in Hijab!
Number of Drugs I have taken:one about seven years ago as a test drive!
Number of CD's I own:162 DVD's ,200+ CD's
Number of Piercings:None
Number of Tattoos:Hope to have a dragon tatto someday!
Number of things in my Past I Regret:A lot.


During the past days a lot of newspapers mentioned the story of the Moroccan woman who killed her Egyptian exboyfriend with assistance from her current lover ,the woman(35 years old) working as a casino hostess or something like that in a famous 5+ stars hotel in Katamyea ,Cairo. She was in love with the prey for almost five years ,he was eight years younger than her and was working as a waiter in the same hotel,they had a deep relationship which resulted in her pregnancy more than once ,she says that every time this happened he convinced her to get rid off the baby till they settle all their future marriage plans ,the last time this happened she felt that he started to neglect her ,ignore her calls and so on. And she came to the realization that he's not thinking about marrying her anymore after she heard the rumors that he got engaged to one of his relatives ,she confronted him and to her astonishment he didn't deny it ,he also started to threaten her with exposing their relationship details ,worse than that is his clear demand of money in return of his silence.

Things got developed ,she pretended to go along with his demands ,and on the same time she started getting closer to a young man working in the same hotel as a chef ,the couple got attached quickly ,and she told him about all her troubles with her ex ,slowly he became influenced and she started putting her revenge's plan ,she told her new lover that they both will flow away after finishing their plan to Spain and will open a Moroccan Restaurant there ,together they pretended to befriending her ex and trying to convince him that all that happened in the past is forgotten now ,one day they accompanied him to a hangout and while driving the car in some remote area she stabbed him and her friend completed the mission by adding more lethal stabs to the man ,they took the body to another desert area and put the flames to it and returned to work the next day pretending that there's nothing happened ,they were still preparing to travel to Spain as the last part of their plan when they both got arrested.

The above details is taken from the investigations papers and the couple's confessions ,I am not here to judge their innosence or not and I am not telling this as a murders news or something as this kind of crimes is not new and happens frequently in Egypt ,what attracted me to this tale is the woman's intention ,patience and commitment to her plan ,I remembered an old belief that said that women is hard to forgive someone who hurt them ,from my personal experience I believe so ,the woman cannot forget or forgive easily ,even for something simple in the men's viewpoint like marriage's anniversary or her birthday ,woman can not forgive something like that ,also I guess that women's preferring for revenge is higher than men ,just look for most of the relationships between young couples anywhere in the world and you will see who's more intent on revenging for the offense they receive from the other party ,but that leaves a lot of questions ,is woman more violent than the man when it comes to her personal emotions or betrayal? ,can women really forgive or -more important-forget?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The doomed blogger!!

I have many book marks in the favorites folder of my Internet Explorer browser ,I put all the blogs links there to check them easily ,Whenever I look at the Favorites menu I find it so much crowded with many many blogs addresses ,I keep telling myself that I should make some arrangements to them and divide them ,The quickest solution in my mind is to the divide them to the daily blogs(Blogs I check daily) and nondaily blogs which I check frequently.

Recently I had a very strange problem ,one of my recently discovered blogs kept disappearing from the favorites menu(or that what I thought back then) ,the first time I saw it I added it instantly to my favorites ,the next day on my regular blogs surfing I tried to find it but I couldn't see it anywhere on the favorites ,I told myself that I may be memorizing saving it when it actually didn't happen .Luckily I was still able to find it in the history menu ,opened the blog's page and this time I was sure 100% that I have added it.

Two days ago the blog is no longer again on the menu! ,I decided to do a little test ,opened the blog's page and added it ,opened the favorites instantly and strangely it was not there ,I thought that there might be something wrong with IE ,surfed some random blogs and other web sited ,bookmarked them and they all resided instantly on the favorites menu ,every one of them except this certain blogs which is not being saved whatever I try ,someone may say that the name may have a certain type of characters that is not recognized by IE but the blog's name is written inplain english without anything special ,I thought about the language but ofcourse this is English and I have Russian and Japanese bookmarks in their native language appears normally ,I am also using the latest IE version with all the udpates ,patches and service packs.

I decided to do another test that had no logical sense in my opinion ,I saved the blog with the blogger name not with the blog's name ,and believe it or not it's finally there and never got disappeared again ,I hope that the blog's owner is not doomed or cursed in anyway!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Downtown Girls

Just came back from the cinema after watching the latest Mohammad Khan's movie (Banat West Elbalad) Or (Ddowntown Girls),the movie tells the story of two girls. Jomana(Hend Sabry) and Yasmeen(Menna Shalaby) who were used to take the metro daily from where they live to the downtown area where they work ,they used to see each other every day until one day they start to talk with each other and become gradually dear friends ,the film starts with hints of their every day journey ,one day they meet two guys ,Osman(Mohammad Nagaty) & Samir(Khaled Abu Alnaga) who also takes the same journey for the same purpose every day ,after some eyes flirting the two pairs exchange telephone numbers ,with Yasmeen deciding to play a little game by providing Jomana's information as hers and vice versa ,the two guys takes the bait and the story gets developed.

The most special element here is the astonishing capability of the director to capture all the things about the Downtown area ,the crowds ,the shops and the staffs ,the streets ,cafe's ...Etc ,with very elegant details that only known and felt by the people who really knows what is the real meaning and experience of a spiritually rich area like The downtown area(The movie was shot in Downtown Cairo but amazingly here in Alexandria it's 90% similar in everything but on a smaller scale ,there's even streets that has the name in both Cairo & Alexandria Like Sheriff Street ,Tahrir square and others) ,there's also the realistic look and feel about people's relationships without fictioning or extremism every thing as we have always used to have in watching most of the director's movies ,there's another two strong elemnts in the movie ,first the editing was sharp and mature ,no hard cuts or over roughed ,most of the editing was done in the proper method and the rhythm was kept on track for most parts of the movie ,second strong element is Cinematography ,there's some good shots in the movie especially on the metro and on the stations ,the director used handheld camera for many scened which added more realistic feeling and strong capturing of streets life.

Banat westelbalad is a good movie ,it's definitely not the director's best but suddenly we have a very fresh breeze between all the retarded Arabic releases we are surrounded with ,my advice to you is to watch this movie as fast as you can cause in these days a respecful movies like this doesn't last long in cinemas ,if this kind of cinema is not suitable for your appeal then don't worry ,BO7A is still on release successfully!

Coming soon reviews:
-The Cinderella Man
-A History of Violence

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hangouts News ,Closures & New Openings

Ramadan is over ,many places that were closed during the month is reopened again ,and many activities are going on ,here's some news:

-Caesar Restaurant & Pub ,The original maamoura located place is preparig to open a new branch ,the new place will be at the international garden area (beside Abu Fares Restaurant & Dolphin's Sea Food Restaurant),Caesar has always been there for along time and is really a decent place ,the opening date is Friday November 11th ,there will be a huge party there with a live performance by Alexandrian born singer Talaat Zein ,review is coming soon.

-Pastroudis Retaurant & Bar,one of Alexandria landmarks through recent history is under heavy renovation & redecoration process ,the legendary has been closed for almost two years now ,the management opened a new branch last year at the new area beside Alexandria International Garden but the original place remained closed ,every time I passed beside the place I felt very sad for it ,many events happened there ,if you are a fan of Mohammad Mounir and you can remember one of his old posters for one of his 90's tapes where he was sitting on a cafe' table somewhere on the daylight ,this was a table at Pastroudis ,I have even watched the Legendary Ahmed Zaki shooting some scenes there for his movie(Al Batal) ,there were a lot of rumors during the past years saying that the whole place were bought by McDonald's Egypt and will be turned as a new outlet for them but thanks god this didn't happen ,if you pass there nowadays you will see the works going on not for the place only but for all the building which will add more value to the place ,Welcome back Pastroudis!

-DOWNSTAIRS ,the famous discotheque located at Sofitel Cecil Downtown is reopened again ,it's open every day except Tuesdays and there's matinee parties every Thursday ,Friday & Sunday.

-tapas ,one of my favorite Mexican food outlets has been closed for no apparent reason ,the green plaza located place was successful in my point of view and they never noted having any lack of success or financial problems ,they said they were closed till the end of Ramadan and will be opened before eid ,and suddenly there Mo'men outlet in their place! ,no information yet if they will be relocated elsewhere or not.

-Far & Away ,the well known Restaurant & Pub at Horryea Avenue(Down Town) will be reopened soon under new management by the original owner ,a new decoration is taking place ,not only that but the owner will open a Cafe' at the downlevel floor viewing all the Avenue ,notably inspired by the huge success of nearby Roastery Cafe' ,more details soon.

-Another sad closure ,Tartino Cafe at Green Plaza has closed ,this time I know why they were closed without having to ask any one of the management ,every time I pass there there would be a very little amount of guests although most of the Cafe's at Green Plaza mall has different degrees of success but the Tartino place were in one of the most unspotted spots there ,they had very little visibility ,anyway the Agami branch is still open next summer beside their planning to open a new branch in yet unknown location.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The SCORPIONS are here!

One of the most famous rock bands in history is coming for not only one live even in Egypt ,but TWO! ,The Scorpions will be performing two live events in Egypt ,The first one at November 17th at Giza Pyramids ,the location where Sting performed his live event at Cairo some time ago ,the second event will take place in Sharm ElSheikh at November 19th at Extreme Park, Naama Bay ,this is a part of the Peace For All tour which will be taking place in other places in the middle east like UAE & Qatar plus Egypt ofcourse.

I am a big fan of Scorpions myself ,listening to them since 1993 they formed a very important part of my musical memory ,I am still enjoying masterpieces like Send Me An Angel ,Wind of Change ,A moment in A million Years ,You & I and many many others ,here's the lyrics for A Moment In A Million Years:

The lights are slowly fading down
There's no one else, just you and me
Nothing ever changed
I see your faces in the crowd
It seems I know each one of you
For all my life
I wish this night could last forever
But it's time to go
I saw you laugh, I saw you cry
All for one and one for all
Nothing ever changed
The way you sang just blew my mind
It gave me chills from head to toe
What a glorious night
To me it could have lasted forever
But it's time to go
A moment in a million years
Is all I've got for you
A moment in a million years
To make some dreams come true
A moment that I won't forget
Until the day I die
A moment in a million years
Called life
The bus is waiting right outside
To hit the road and once again
I leave you all behind
I chase another dream tonight
And by the time you'll be home
I'll be far away
Nothing seems to last forever
It's time to go
A moment in a million years
Is all I've got for you
A moment in a million years
To make some dreams come true
A moment that I won't forget
Until the day I die
A moment in a million years
Called life

I am planning to go this concert insha2alah ,for your consideration the regular ticket's price is 350 pounds while the VIP ticket will cost you 1200 pounds ,I'll post more details soon.