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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Numbers in My Life


Can anyone guess what do they refer for?

Important Update:

I wish to thank all the good friends who commented on this post ,I have been unable to reply to all those comments due circumstances beyond my ability ,I have lost my job last week ,it's been stressful days but thanks God I moved to a new one and will post details soon.

Unfortunately the correct answers is no more true ,meaning that the correct answers were the following:

780 minutes=13 Hours(The numbers of hours I work perday)
300 minutes=5 Hours(The number of hours I were able to sleep everyday)
120 minutes=2 Hours(The time I was managing to read daily before I sleep)
240 minutes=4 Hours(The time Iwhen I was doing every other activity of daily life excluding the things above!!)

As you see the whole post was a simple riddle based on my daily life schedule when I was working at my latest job,everything is changed now ,Will post more soon.

Friday, January 20, 2006

When We're Gone

Today I was sitting at work and analyzing the flow of Today's news feeds as usual ,The office's Network kept loosing connection and I was fixing it furiously ,that's because I am the new Network Administrator beside my regular responsibilities!

Suddenly a news article appeared with strange content ,it really made me shivering for unknown reason:

US man kills himself live on gamers' forum
A 20-year-old US man killed himself live on a webcam on Bulgarian gamers' forum, AFP and other agencies report. Mitchell "Mitch" Lee Stuekerjuergen, aka "Kuja105", reportedly swallowed antifreeze and pills "after complaining about family problems and a lack of money", forum administrator Boyan Georgiev told Bulgaria's BGNES news agency on Wednesday. Stuekerjuergen subesquently died on 4 January in hospital in Illinois.

A certain amount of controversy surrounds the whole sorry affair, with some claiming that other forum members "thought the man was joking, even though he rambled for six hours about the effects of the substances and disappeared from view several times", as AFP puts it.

Indeed, one indignant Slashdotter fumed yesterday: "Pulling from the AFP newswire, Yahoo, CNN, and others have been reporting about how a gamer broadcast his own suicide on a gaming forum via a webcam, and that members of the forum continued to ridicule the gamer while he killed himself. Gaming Horizon has just learned that this is completely untrue. The newswire reporter failed to check the facts, and, in turn, painted this simple gaming forum as cruel monsters."

As a result of the suicide the forum was recently "pulled offline via the request of a government agency pending an investigation regarding the unfortunate passing of TUS forum member, Mitchell Stuekerjuergen", as a site statement notes.

It is now back online with a number of tributes to Stuekerjuergen. ®

This really made me think about the consequeses of Blogging

,what's the mere difference between Truth & Lies over the

internet? ,do we really believe each others when we read

our posts and exchange comments or we just pretend that to

create the "Blogging Experience" with all of it's pros and

cons? ,what if someone of our Blogging Friends passes away

one day(ba3d 2el shar 3al kol tab3an though I don't know

how to translate this to English!)? ,will we feel deep

shock like what we feel when one of our "Earthly" friends

or relatives passes awayOrr we will just continue being

here pretending that nothing ever happened and forget

about it as soon as we finished shutting down our PCs?

And what will happen in the future?

Will all of us still be remembered by the younger


Or will we be just forgotten...

When all of us are gone...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The African Cup of Shadows!

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In any respectful company in the world(Egypt ofcourse is not included!) when there's a major sports event or other type of big events ,you will find that almost every thing living or residing on the ground of the hosting company reflects the essence of this event ,but this unfortunately happens only out there ,not here.

The African Cup of Nations will start next Friday. That's less than forty eight hours remaining ,if you wander around the Egyptian cities that host the games(Greater Cairo ,Alexandria ,Port Said and Ismailya) you will have no feeling about that ,a championship like that which should attract supporters from all over Africa and even Business Men from Europe and Asia who seeks the best players to negotiate with them for future Appointments in European Football Teams ,achampionship that will be watched by hundreds of Millions all around the globe ,what the hell is our smart government thinks? ,Where's the Championship?

I decided to take a roaming session around the city to see the "Festival" appearances that may be already there ,here's a summary of what I found:

-Street Ads for Pepsi that is displayed on different sizes and different locations ,and some of them features players who won't be among the selected players in the Egyptian National Team!

-Some Flags that is hanged on thin iron pillars around the city and always on the sidewalks ,it's hardly seen and can be easily overlooked.

-Another street Ads but this time it belongs to CocaCola Company(Another sponsor for the National Team!) ,with a tag saying (One Nation...One Team!).

-Street ads displaying the Cup's logo (CrocoNile) with it's idiot and retarded design which looks very near to Lizard than a Crocodile! ,also te Ads itself has a very poor quality and foggy colors(Note that those are paid for by the Official Organizational committee!).

-The newest thing which appeared suddenly today is that they started putting African countries flags over the Street Lamps ,I thought that the first flag I saw belongs to a newly opened consulate or something ,but the flag I saw was hanged on a street lamp beside a waste land!!

And that's it ,yes that's it ,nothing more. I thought first that this may apply only to Alexandria ,But according to friends who lives in Cairo and websites like ,those are 90% of the "Signs" available there! ,so where's the festivals atmospheres? ,where's the African decorations? ,the Huge Ads everywhere(I am talking about the Government sponsored Ads)? ,where's the celebrations? ,where's the Championship itself?

The government still dealing with a major event in the most bureaucratic attitude in the world ,the preparation were done with the mentality of the Governments Employees and lacks all the creativity and fresh ideas that it badly needs ,and they already knew that we will be hosting this Championship in early 2001 ,so what they were doing during the past five years ,if you don't know what they were busy with wait till you read the last paragraph.

A few days ago I was sitting in my Dentist's Clinic waiting for my inspection's turn ,the TV was displaying a retarded Program on the retarded Egyptian Second Channel ,the guests were apparently talking about the AFC and their expectations about it ,one of the speakers was a major member in the organizational committee ,he was simply saying that more than ten thousand Libyan supporters will be in Cairo during the matches ,and this morning I came upon a silly article in the Ahram Newspaper stating that more than three thousand Tunisian supporters will be backing their National Team which will be playing it's matches here in Alexandria ,and all the 3000 people already arrived here!. Well if you ask anyone here if he saw a large groups of Tunisian people anywhere ,ofcourse no one saw any one ,and the same in Cairo where you csn see our Libyan brothers visiting the famous doctors clinics in the Downtown Cairo!

Another notice from the list of endless notices is the booking system ,the tickets itself is offered for sale in a limited places and most of the places are the post offices locations around the hosting cities ,this is another example of the narrow mentality of the government. When you are having a sports event like that you seek the attendance of young people mostly ,so why you don't do the tickets marketing in the places they usually hang in? ,malls ,cafe's restaurants ,Universities..Etc ,and have it marketed in an attractive way instead of the traditional posters that were stuck on the post offices doors. The other notice about tickets is the online ordering facility, I was so pleased when I saw on the official website that you can book your tickets online ,this is mainly aimed at the foreigners supporters and thought that it will give every one who is coming over here the sheer opportunity of having their tickets reserverd along with all the necessary information they need. The greatest achievement is that when you click on the link to go to the purchasing page you will see the following message:

Buying tickets online is no longer available. You can now buy your tickets at: blahblahblahblah!

I guess our lovely government were so busy during the past months in forging both of the Presidential & parliament elections results ,and after that it was having a romantic conversation with the Sudanese Refugees in the heart of Cairo ,such gentlness and tenderness were very heavy load on the Sudanese people's hearts and more than one hundred of them couldn't take it anymore ,also we can't forget their sincere efforts in sexually assaulting the female protesters in the middle of the street last May and also setting up Ayman Nour and locking him up in the prison ,we are really ignorant citizens ,we never thank God for our lovely government ,and we should ignore all the above notices cause they were so busy ,and let's enjoy The African Cup of Shadows!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Feel The Magic

If I caught the world in a bottle
And everything was still beneath the moon
Without your love would it shine for me?

If I was smart as Aristotle
And understood the rings around the moon
What would it all matter if you love me?

Here in your arms where the world is impossibly still
With a million dreams to fulfill
And a matter of moments until the dancing ends.

Here in your arms when everything seems to be clear
Not a solitary thing would I fear
Except when this moment comes near the dancing's end.

If I caught the world in an hourglass
Saddled up the moon so we could ride
Until the stars grew dim

One day you'll meet a stranger
And all the noise is silenced in the room
You'll feel that you're close to some mystery.

In the moonlight when everything's shadows
You'll feel as if you've known her all your life
The world's oldest lesson in history.

Here in your arms where the world is impossibly still
With a million dreams to fulfill
And a matter of moments until the dancing ends.

Here in your arms when everything seems to be clear
Not a solitary thing do I fear
Except when this moment comes near the dancing's end

Oh if I caught the world in an hourglass
Saddled up the moon so we could ride
Until the stars grew dim
Until the time that time stands still

The above lyrics belongs to Sting's song (Until) ,a very magical songand very different one ,one or two of my friends previously recommended this song to me some time ago but I haven't got the chance to listen to it ,until stumbling upon one of my newly discovered blogs where the blog's owner posted a part of the lyrics ,I downloaded the song immediately and couldn't believe my ears ,you can download the song Here.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Cat in The Tomb and The Angel of Death

My little sister brought home a very little cat about a week ago ,I am not an animal lover at all and my past experiences (including the crocodile's one) proves that ,but this cat was very cute ,about one month or two months old ,strangely for the past three or four days every day it comes to my bed and jumps to sleep beside me and never accepts to sleep anywhere else regardless of how hard they try to convince it to sleep beside their beds ,it always ran to my room.

Today moring I woke up at 10 AM exactly ,was feeling a little dizzy from uncomfortable sleeping and strange dreams I had but couldn't clearly remember ,I sat for a while in the bed trying to gather my thoughts and inject some energy in my veins to to be able to get up ,I had several problems at work during the past days and this resulted in my enthusing to go to work being decreased severely ,when I felt that time has come and now I really should get up I started my descending from the bed when I noticed somethin strange ,the little cat was lying on the edge of my bed ,looking peacefully but I felt there was something wrong ,I tried to concentrate to overcome all the remaining laziness inside me. To my utter shock the little cat was lying on her back ,not moving at all ,it's eyes were closed and it's tongue were popping out of her mouth in a strange and odd scene. Suddenly I realized that there's something spooky is going on ,there were no breathing signs coming from the cat ,it's chest weren't moving ,I touched the body to feel any warmth and there were none ,no heart beating also at all.

I kept staring for the cat for several minutes ,unsure how to proceed ,I guess it's not an easy thing to wake up after a series of nasty dreams to find dead animal lying in your own bed ,and especially a very little animal like that ,I have always been strong when it's about death ,I watched several persons dying infront of my eyes ,I was standing during seveal burials of friends & relatives and I have survived three deadly car crashes where death was very near to me ,I have even survived a bombing during the gulf war when our dear friend Saddam Hussein launched one of his Rocekets on Riyadh city and blew up a residential building which was very very near to our home there and I still remember the vibrating floor under my feet and the shuddering walls behind my back ,but this time it's very different ,to have some dead(being) in your own bed.

I entered a very dark mood and thought for a moment about not going to work but I knew I couldn't since I am currently the sole person responsible for the department I work in ,beside that my stupid manager will not be very cooperative in such matter and it may develop into a violent fight over the internet wires! ,I gathered my self and tried not to look at my bed while I was dressing ,and went to work with dark cloud over my head.

The day was very heavy ,I avoided talking to any one at the work and we usually don't talk a lot for several reasons I will tell you about later ,but at the mid of the day and during a casual conversations with one of my work's peers I told him about what happened ,by the time of telling that I was feeling a little relaxed and was starting to forget the haunting image of the dead cat ,but my work's colleague astonished me with his response ,atually I was ready to accept any thing from him ,either it was sarcasm ,sympathy or even complete silence ,but what he said was really out of my expectations.

He asked me a question (You don't pray regulary ,do you?) , I said(what this has to do about the cat's death?!) ,he continued simply saying that this is certainly a sign (or warning) from God aimed to me!! ,when I asked him to make things a little more clear he told me (I think God wanted to show you how The Angel of Death was very close to you!!).

I really couldn't believe that these words were said by a young & decent man like my colleague(we shall call him A) ,I told him that I am not a blasphemed ,I am just an ordinary human being that may lacks the regular commitment in doing his prayers ,why would God threaten me like that? ,what is this crap you are saying? ,why you try to make it like an old Indian movie?!

A was stunned from my response ,I guess his tiny mind made him think that I will say something like (sob7an 2alah ,you are right) or something like that ,he surprised me again with another retarded theory ,he said (don't you know that the married man who is not praying should be separated from his wife till he start praying!!!!!!!!!!) ,at this stage I was no longer able to take more of this crap but I maintained my coolness as much as I can ,I remembered the famous Egyptian Philosophy professor (Nasr Hamed Abu Zed) when something like that happened to hi m only because he was writing and thinking in some ways that some religious people thought were offensing to Islam and so they declared him a blasphemed!.

I told A calmly that this is nonsense and there's nothing like that in Islam ,and for God's sake this was a little cat ,what it has to do with all that ,and if this was a sign should it have been one of my brothers sleeping in the other room?

On the other hand this death made me think of how cruel we are on another side ,we used to hear about countless deaths every day all over the world ,we read about them on the newspapers while eating breakfast or watching them in the news after dinner ,all to us just numbers ,we feel temporarily sorry for them ,we may even shed a small tear or say a prayer but as soon as we get up from the table or switch the channel to get updated with the latest hot videoclips on Melody Hits every thing is forgotten ,and all that remains is vague memory in the back of our heads ,even in a near tragic accident like the one happened in Mohandeseen Cairo last week you still feel distant and safe in your warmth ,but when it's near you ,when you smell death near you ,engulfing someone or some being you have known for real ,you start to feel sorry...Very real sorry indeed.

Notice:While I was writing this a break news came from Iraq about a suicide bombing during a funeral!! ,Hey A...I guess The Angel of Death was very ready this time you stupid fellow!